A Message From Papa

by Bill

· love,new beginnings,witnesses

My beloved

I told you that you would be my witnesses, and that is what you are.

Can you see that? Look around you; the place you are right now is teaming with wonder.

What do you see? Call it out. Now look beyond the moment. Perceive what came before, what’s coming. You are my witnesses. Declare the glory of God in the land of the living.

In order to see what is today, you must let go of what you have come to know and perceive from yesterday. Many have come to believe that one day is as another, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. To believe that is to be blind to what is new what has changed and become more wonderful. When you consider each other and yourselves like this you get stuck in a perceptual rut that builds upon its self.

There is good news though for you. Right now you’re reading something you have never read before. I’m telling you no matter who you are, there is more. If you have been a potter for 40 years, we can make a new vessel that you have never made before. If you are a dancer, we have moves for you to make that will express what has never been expressed before. If you have prayed your whole life, guess what? Together your prayers will reach new heights and affect things on earth like never before.

I made you to be my witnesses. To see what I have made and what is being made. To see each other and the wonder that each of you are. My witnesses. Yes I made you to behold me. To perceive me, my thoughts, my feelings about things, and my will for our life together on earth.

I made you to know and to be known. I want you to truly know me and to welcome me to know you. As we share together, you become able to see what is really happening around you. Things become clear and become fairly simple really. All the confusion and complications just melt away as we, now catch this, WE work together. I fill you with my competence, My clarity, and my joy too.

I never wanted you to go on your own or have all that pain that has come from living independent from me. But now is the day of new beginnings. You are hearing me and we are heading for a new day together.

I just have to say this, I love you. And I’m so pleased you are listening.