If You Want To Get Satan Off Your back

listen to this!

· God's courtroom,warfare prayers,deliverance

This is amazing. I am on this crazy publishing schedule to get all 15 books in audio in the next month. I'm up nighs, working around the clock, it's nuts. And, suddenly, my recording apparatus just stops working.

I'm not exactly a techno wizard, but I know there are only like three connection points, and they're all fine. The hardware is fine. The software is fine. It was working last night, and it wasn't this morning. No one touched it. No one even went in the room.

So, as I said, I've been working like crazy on these audio books. Every time I record a chapter, it takes 5-10 minutes to do the recording, or however long the chapter is. But then it takes a lot longer to edit the speech and make it beautiful sounding for the end user (You!). So, anyway, guess what chapter I was editing when I noticed the recording wasn't working? It's a chapter about a very powerful warfare prayer which basically eliminates your need to ever even appear in God's courtroom to give answer to any of Satan's accusations. It's the prayer to end all prayers for getting Satan off your back.

Now I have this wonderful person who is helping me with cover designs and getting these books out to the world.  When I tell him the problem I'm having with the recording stuff he immediately suggests I pray about it.

Huh. I hadn't thought of that! And furthermore, I had just been editing this really powerful chapter on warfare and it occurs to me that maybe this is a spiritual attack and I need to make this petition.

Well, within 28 seconds (or however long it took me to shoot up the below prayer) everything was working. I didn't do anything--except appear in God's courtroom with the proper testimony--the testimony that got Satan off my back.

Please listen to this chapter of our book, Kingdom Mates, and pray this for yourself. Then write us a note and tell us how God delivered you! Let's spread this around, people! This is powerful stuff!

In case the audio isn't working, here's the prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

The devil makes many accusations against me. Day and night he brings them before your throne. But he only looks at my old self. He does not consider or make accusation against the new self You are creating inside of me, alongside my old self. Please, when he accuses me from now on, and if he has already accused me, or if he is presently accusing me, please consider my new man. I agree with my accuser with many things that are wrong with my old man. But none of that has any reality when it comes to my new man. And my new man is me. It is even more me than my old man, which he accuses. Because the heavenly reality is the eternal reality. So I am asking now, in Jesus’ name, that satan’s accusations, whether in the past, present or future, not ever be considered without also taking into consideration my new man, which You are making perfect. Thank you. I ask these things in Jesus’ name and for His glory, forevermore. Amen. (For an explanation of why this prayer works, see Kingdom Mates: Stepping Heavenward, Chapter 20, Terri and Bill Buckingham, Living Water Press, 2020.)