Is It really possible?

Could we be martyred?

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I just woke up from a pretty amazing dream. Most of us Jesus lovers will be martyred in the fifth seal, not very long from now. That's been the topic of my videos lately. It's been what Jesus is speaking about lately. But you ask how we could be martyred. How could this thing come about? Well in this dream I was.

The issue was people were running away from the authorities. Apparently whole cities and neighborhoods were being burned and destroyed in an attempt on the part of the bad guys to find certain people and kill them.

In this dream I was to go ahead and try to protect these others in hiding. When the assailants found me I dashed forward and was lying on my stomach next to a log. They put a gun to my back and asked me where the others were, the very ones I was sent ahead to protect. I lied and said they were back in the city, and the man with the gun said, low and slow, with such venom in his voice, “That’s funny because I lust looted and burned that whole place an hour ago."

At that point I just cried out, “Oh I'm a liar and a cheat . . . [I knew in my heart I was no such thing, but it was the evidence they wanted] just kill me now! I love Jesus with all my heart."

And as I continued professing and crying out my love and praises to Jesus for what seemed like a long time, there were two women with the man with the gun, his two daughters, and they gasped in compassion. And then I felt, literally felt, as I woke up, the blast from the gun blow through my back. I woke up as my body lurched forward.

Apparently they were looking for Christians to kill them. That was our crime. They had fact checked us and now they were going to blow us out of existence.

One of the things that was most memorable from this dream was the fear I had and desire to protect my life from the unknowns of being killed in this dreadful way. And the other thing I remember is waiting for them to kill me. I just wanted them to get it over with so I could get past this horrid moment and be safe in the arms of Jesus.

But I was surprised, even with how clear I am in my faith, at how much I wanted to protect this life, this body, and not lose it in this way. That fear or disturbance was real. But love for Jesus won out. Thank God!