RETHINKING the details

God clarifies His message about the timeline

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June was an intense month. An intense month of rethinking my life and seeing what the Lord revealed to me 4 years ago in a new way. And I want to say: It's still intact. I had made a few wrong presuppositions about what God had said to me, and He's explained some areas where I wasn't thinking correctly.  But it's still intact. The Prophetic Word is just getting more and more sure as God explains what He meant by what He said!

In light of this, I've made a few improvements to the timeline--keep in mind, this is still the same timeline I have been talking about since God gave me The Prophetic Word Made More Sure in 2017. Substantively it hasn't changed in terms of what Jesus actually told me, but my understanding of what He meant has undergone some significant changes.

First, I understand now that there are many desolations according to the book of Daniel ("Unto the end, desolations will continue." Daniel 9:26.) But the Abomination of Desolation which kicks off Daniel's 1290 days was seen in the way the church compromised God's commission in her response to COVID. (I'm working on an updated video on The Abomination of Desolation) Please understand, God only clarified this for me in June of this year! He's clarifying things as they are happening, though He provided the framwork 4 years ago.

Now I think it is safe to see the Abomination of Desolation as the APOSTASY of the church, seen in the way the church just bows to everything the government says for it to do or not do--including OPERATE. That is NOT the way the church is to be in the world! But her response to the virus just highlights her deadness overall. She opens and closes her doors and doesn't even notice that God has left her. (God has NOT given up on His true body, just the hollow shell of the official church which stopped listening to His directives long ago.) Again, see my forthcoming video on this topic.

Other modifications: I added the little halo around the Seals box to reflect the fact that we don't know how big that box should be. Keep in mind that in 2017 God said "the seals will last from 6-9 months." So at this point in our day, as I understand it based on that word, we could have up to three more months of the seal period. (This is a pretty major difference from what I believed up until the end of May.)

Before May ended, I had ASSUMED that the seal period had to wrap up, and the 1290 days to begin soon after May. But that was a PRESUPPOSITION that proved incorrect.  May 2021 was only about 5 months into the seal period, and according to the prophecy, the seals could last up to 9 months. I don't know why I thought the extra months could not go past May or June, but for some reason when Jesus told me He was riding on white horse back in January of 2021, I assumed that it was no longer possible for the seals to be 9 months long. At that time I assumed they would be 6 months. But God straightened me out. 


His word hasn't changed, just my understanding of it.

I hope that makes sense!


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