Come and See

By Bill and Terri

Part 1

Bill and I are going to be releasing this as a multi-part blog on the theme expressed in Revelation 6, "Come and See." It started with these words from Jesus:


We are looking into My word. My living word, which I'm speaking right now. I’d like to tell you about genealogies. The worst part of genealogies is the looking back. I want you looking forward into your new life with Me. The one I have created in you in newness of life. Not death. What is a genealogy? It’s a record of deaths! But I want you to make a record of life. Of lives! Of lives saved! That’s what I want to see.

When I recorded the lives who came into earth to eventually bring forth the birth of My Son, Jesus, it wasn’t a looking back, but a looking forward! Those names were written in the heavenlies prophetically, and revealed to My prophets, Matthew and others, to write down. It was a looking forward. Everything is a looking forward.

In My Kingdom, in the Kingdom of God, We look ahead. We see what is ahead. We make records, and we seal those up tight, so that on judgment day We can examine all the evidence, but once something has happened, we seal it up. We don’t keep revisiting it.

Satan gets footholds, and he revisits. He’ll throw things up into your face all the time, but We don’t do this. We want you to know the principle of confession, which kicks the devil out, but We only want you to look back enough to eliminate his foothold. Then We want you looking forward again.

Some of you have heard that the tribulation is coming. It is, indeed coming soon. And We want you to know that the book with the seven seals is one of these books, one of these records of past sins. Of past grievances. And the reason Jesus opens that book, the reason He is sought and found to open that book, is that judgment is coming to the world based on the things in that book.

So each seal that comes off releases the record of past wrongs that I am righting by My activities on earth. I am defending the weak. I am righting past grievances. I am disclosing to the spirit realm and to all on earth who can perceive, what is the justification for My outpouring of wrath. And that is what the book is. That is what the seals are.

The seals unlock the book, and the book is a genealogy, or a record, of sins, if you will. I want all to know that I have not acted unjustly in bringing the trials and tribulations of the seals and trumpets to earth. The book contains the evidence, and the seals release that evidence. And that is what I want you to know about the seals of the tribulation period.