Difficult Bible Passages Explained

from Matthew

Terri here. I'm pretty excited about this new thing Jesus is doing. I got the impression last night that He wanted to explain some of the more long standing puzzles from His word. And so we started at the beginning, in Matthew, and He's been answering pretty much any question I had, and showing me things that I hadn't even ever thought to ask about. Here is the first one. (It's written as a conversation between me and Jesus. J stands for Jesus and M stands for me):


M Reading Matthew 1, is there anything you’d like to clear up in the generations, Lord?

J Well, we’re glad you called them generations, for that is what they are.

M Not genealogies?

J Correct.

M But what is the difference?

J Well, in My word I say I don’t want you to pay attention to endless genealogies. And yet if you call these genealogies, that seems to contradict, doesn’t it. Because there are lists and lists and lists of genealogies in the Bible under that interpretation, so I seem to contradict Myself.

M Okay, so what is the difference between a genealogy and a generation?

J The generation is a list of names only. Who begat whom. But it does not contain a looking back into all of the past sins and accomplishments or foibles or successes of a person’s life. I don’t want you to do this. I don’t want you looking backward, but forward. Whereas simply listing the names of your ancestors is not wrong.

M Is there any value in listing the generations in our family lines today?

J Not particularly.

M What about for the purposes of confessing the sins of the fathers?

J No. It’s not necessary. The Spirit can bring to mind the sins that are being visited unto you. And if you are unsure, you can always confess a sin like this:


Lord, if my ancestors did such and such I am so very sorry. Please separate me from their sin. I ask it in Jesus’ name.


And that will take care of it. You do not need to know what they actually did.

J Please take this to heart, children, and don’t study other religions or lies in order to know more accurately what to confess. My Spirit will guide you into all truth, and you do not need to defile yourselves in order to separate yourselves from your ancestors’ sins. Just ask Me to separate you from all of their sins, and I will. If there is a specific curse in place that is more specific, or if there is a particular sin that you committed as a result of Me visiting the sins on you (unto the third and fourth generation, let the reader understand) then I will help you determine what that is so that you can be free from it.

M Did you want to say anything about “unto the third and fourth generation,” Lord?

J Yes. That principle is still in operation. I still visit sins to the third and fourth generations.

M How does that work?

J Well, We want to emphasize that we spread the goodness for a thousand generations, but We also do visit sins to the third and fourth generations.

M And what does “visit” mean?

J It means that We give Satan prior permission, when a soul is born, to tempt in certain ways—We give him more leniency to tempt a person to drink, for example, who’s forefathers drank too much. It’s not genetics. It’s spiritual. It’s a spiritual doorway that is open in a person’s life when he is born. You parents can close these doorways in your children’s lives if you confess the sins of their ancestors for them when they are young, so satan will not be able to tempt them. The procedure is simple:

Lord, I confess that this baby’s forefathers [include yourself if you also sinned this way] drank too much [or fill in the blank for the particular sin]. I am so sorry, Lord. Please close the doorway open in my child’s life to this sin because of their (or my) sin. Thank you, in Jesus’ name.

J If you pray this way when your children are young, you will save them a lot of grief. They are responsible for their own sins. But they have open doorways in their lives for the sins of their forefathers, and those doorways must be closed, or eventually the person will sin in the ways their forefathers did, because satan will tempt them and they will fall. Rather, remove the temptations by removing the tempter, and the likelihood of their sinning in these ways is greatly diminished.

J People, I want to deliver you from the many sins and temptations that hound you in your lives, but you must know courtroom procedure. You must know this bit about visitation. If you understand this, and you confess your sins and ask Me to close doorways, I will be able to deliver you from so many things that plague you year after year. You’ll be surprised how much victory you gain when you confess the sins of your forefather’s in a way that I can actually close spiritual doorways in your life. It’s a very important principle for you to know going forward, as We are entering into the last days when We want to and fully intend to kick the devil out of every facet of the world, and that includes any footholds or strongholds he’s developed in your hearts.