The Unpardonable Sin

more difficult passages explained from Matthew

Here is another cool one. I had always wondered about the unpardonable sin. Jesus explains, along with this puzzling verse about being in danger of hell fire for calling someone a fool. Just never really made sense to me.

But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.


M Hi, Lord. In Matthew 5:22, you speak of “the judgment,” “the council,” and “hell fire.” What do these refer to?

J Ah, good question. The judgment is My judgment. If you’re angry [with your brother], you’re not going to have Me on your side.

M What is the council?

J The council is a council of spirits.

M Evil or good?

J Good. It’s a council in heaven. And if they judge against you that is weighty. It’s added testimony, in addition to Mine.

M And hell fire?

J Hell fire is the next. If you’ve got My testimony testifying against you, and the council’s testimony testifying against you, you’re in danger of hell fire.

M So is this all the same sin?

J It’s the same sin. Anger and calling someone a fool (in whatever language!) Is what is being referenced here. It’s not as if you can be angry with someone but if you call them a fool you’re in danger of going to hell. The idea here is that if you’re angry, in your heart you are calling them a fool. It’s not the vocabulary (Raca is in one language, fool in another) it’s the heart attitude. In order to be angry with another person you must, in your heart, be thinking them a fool. And what I am saying is that if you entertain anger in your heart against another person, you’re in danger of hell fire. You must forgive each other! Forgive your brother from your heart! Don’t ever stay angry with anyone, or the danger is, when you die, you will not have My testimony on your behalf. I who forgave you so much, can you not forgive your brother? It’s the unpardonable sin. To not forgive. For if you do not forgive your brother, neither will I forgive you.

M Wow, unforgiveness is the unpardonable sin?

J I don’t pardon it!

M But it’s THE unpardonable sin?

J There isn’t just one unpardonable sin. There are many sins I can’t forgive. I can forgive them if the conditions are met upon which you may be forgiven, but I can’t if they aren’t. One condition, and this applies to any potential sin, is that you be willing to forgive your brother. If you don’t forgive your brother, I can pick any sin in your life, or all of them for that matter, and choose not to forgive it. You never know which sin(s) I don’t forgive as a result of your unforgiveness, but I tell you that I won’t forgive (at least some) of them to warn you of the importance of forgiving your neighbor. Forgive your neighbor! To not forgive is the (i.e. an) unpardonable sin.