Kingdom Purpose

by Terri

I know the thoughts I think toward you . . .

Jeremiah 29:11

When God thinks thoughts about us, the thoughts themselves activate blessings in our lives. Likewise, our thoughts toward others activate in accordance with what we’re thinking. It’s so important to take every thought captive, that it might do in accordance with those thoughts and plans God has for us and for His world.

Much of our victory is dependent on finding that sweet spot—the spot where Jesus lives and dwells. God chooses to let His thoughts dwell on our good. He searches out the good. He calls it out, calls it forth. His words, when spoken, created the world! We have such power in ourselves with the words we speak, not to the same extent as God, because of sin, but to an extent.

The greater power comes as we are in agreement with God. For this reason it is written that with God all things are possible. That statement means not only is God able to do all things, but we ourselves are able to do all things if what we want to do is something God can partner with.

In our day, God is looking for people to partner with. People who will call forth the gold that God knows is buried in the rock. He knows where all the gold is. It’s in you. It’s in me. But let’s not keep it buried. Let’s find it and bring it forth. Because the days are so short now. So few are left. And so much work needs to be done. Will you do it? Will you spend what few days you have left on earth to bring forth the gold which God knows is in you, and which is what will enable you to fulfill your kingdom purpose?

So few days. We could spend them watching movies. Or playing golf. Or resting. Or we could roll up our sleeves and pursue Kingdom Purpose with everything that is in us. When I die, I want to be found doing just that.