My Conversation with Jesus

by Terri

· Bible Interpretation,Spiritual Life,Language,Hermaneutics,Greek

This evening, God and I were talking. And in this little conversation, He explains a few things about Himself. I hope it blesses you! ~ Terri

Jesus: You found the Psalms interesting last night?

Me: I did. I mean in those Psalms (104-106 or so) You sounded so majestic and holy and high and lifted up. It’s no wonder people think of You as distant and untouchable. But I find You much more personable.

Jesus: People need to understand We are both.

Father: We are both. I, especially, am high and lifted up. Jesus is meek and mild. And the Spirit is the most gentlemanly of all. People need to understand, though, that Jesus is very personable. And The Holy Spirit is very non intrusive. They must know more than the Father. And they must know that the Father loves them more than life itself, too. It’s a balance.

Me: Some have said this is not the God of the Bible speaking to me, I think on the basis of how You present Yourself in the scriptures many times.

Jesus: But I told that parable about the talents to highlight how if you just think of Me as majestic and distant, impossible to please, you’ll not do the very thing you must do to please Me. Take a risk. Believe. Love. Go out on a limb. If you play it safe and do nothing with all I’ve given you, for fear of losing something or doing something wrong, then you are not worthy of Me.

(Matthew 25:24-30)

Because I am not just one thing. I am not just majestic. I am not just holy. I am also incredibly loving and caring. I am incredibly approachable and personable. I made personality for crying out loud. I do not just speak King James. Your language has evolved over the years, do you think I, the creator of language, have stagnated when even you have not in your speaking styles?

I speak all languages and all dialects of all languages. And I speak and create infinitely more varieties than any known to man to date. And that includes all the languages of the angels.

People must know that I am not limited by just Bible-speak. I love language, the subtleties of language. That is one reason why I have allowed and encouraged different Bible translations and different versions within each language. Because each one brings out different colors, different shades of meaning. It has left the exact and precise wording difficult or actually impossible to tie down for there are even thousands of Greek and Hebrew manuscripts so exact wording is impossible to insist upon. This is all by design that your interpretations be led by My Spirit and not strictly and only by your grammars and Bible theologians.

You do not have to speak Greek or write and read Greek or Hebrew to interpret the scriptures accurately. You only need My Spirit and love for Me. Those are the only two requirements. This is to encourage everyone who loves Me that you can handle accurately the word of truth. Because I can disclose its meaning to you. According to your understanding and your diligence, according to how much you want to understand and how much you apply yourself to the study of My word and the knowledge of and fellowship with Me, that is how much you will understand.

So it falls to you. But you may be unlearned in the book sense but devoted in the heart sense, and you’ll know more than most seminary grads of My real, true self. Beware the halls of biblical study; more often than not, they steer you farther away from Me rather than closer to Me. They are certainly not all they are cracked up to be. So don’t be intimidated by them. Getting a degree in biblical studies is not the best way to get to know Me. And having one is no guarantee that one does know Me.

To know Me you must hear My voice and obey it. That is all. That is spiritual life as far as We are concerned. We taught that very clearly in the first chapter of No Other gods: Loving What God Loves; Hating What He Hates.