Our Daily Bread

by Bill

I have been pondering the Lord’s Prayer in my quiet time and I've begun to see a few things.

Our Father’s Kingdom comes to earth as His will is received by His children. But we all have our own wills and can make our own little kingdoms here. God’s kingdom power and His authority flow through His expressed will. Jesus perfectly lived in His Father’s will with the manifest power of His Kingdom.

When Jesus told us to pray, "Give us this day our daily bread," what bread was he talking about? He taught His followers to seek for food that doesn’t perish. Even His miracle bread was perishing food, because when they sought Him later, He reminded them not to seek the bread that perishes.  

As I was thinking about this, I remembered the woman of Canaan who came to Jesus asking Him to heal her daughter. He related His Kingdom power to heal to bread in their discussion about the crumbs and the children's bread. I believe that in the Lord's Prayer, Jesus is asking us to pray for this bread, the bread that gives us the power to overcome our sin.

Trespasses, debts, and sins can all be summed up in doing our own thing rather than God’s will.

Anything, no matter what it is, that isn’t of faith, is sin. We know further that faith cometh by hearing the Word of God. Jesus did as He heard from His Father, always faithful. Temptations are just the evil one, or ourselves, or somebody else, trying to get us to do something other that what God wills for us.

There can be so many voices coming at us, But God speaks to us in His Son. For as many as received Him gave He the power to become the Sons of God. As He lives in us, so we live in Him. He delivers us from every evil plan and shares His plans for us, plans for our good, to give us a future, and a living Hope. Take a few minutes to get alone with God and see what He has to say to you.