Fresh Water Springs

This looks like regular water, doesn't it? I actually took this photo at the ocean, but it isn't salt water. It's a fresh water spring that comes up right in the middle of the ocean's tide. You'd never know it's there unless you happened to taste the water during low tide. At low tide the water tastes perfectly fresh. There are actually two springs of fresh water like this at a black sand beach not far from where I live.

Thinking about fresh water in the midst of the salty sea reminds Me of something else. A surprise source of fresh water in the middle of an ocean of salt is like God speaking out of His world and into ours. His voice comes to us in the night. It's a quiet voice in our spirits, like a fresh, reviving spring. But do we listen? Or do we roll back over and go to sleep?

I've made it My life's aim to listen. And recently He's given me this treasure to pray over myself and my children. Thought I'd pass it along.

He tells me to pray three things:

1. That we might believe what is truly true.

2. That we might never compromise what we believe.

3. That we might be willing to keep believing, no matter what, even if we have to suffer or even die for what what we believe.

I have this sense that this prayer is going to be really important for our coming days. My goal is to pray it every day for myself and the people I love. Join me?