The Two Olive Trees

The site of the third temple

· Tribulation,Rapture,Postribulational,End times,Third Temple

These are the two olive trees mentioned by the prophet Zechariah 4:11, and spiritually in Revelation 11:4. These are situated on the true Temple Mount in the City of David in Israel. Across from the trees, if you were sitting on the bench looking toward the left in front of you, you would be able to see where God's temple will be built and where Solomon’s temple originally stood as well as Herod’s temple. 

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Currently this (future) site of the temple is thought to be the ruins of an ancient synagogue. If you think about it, this would have been a natural place to build a synagogue, where the people of those days knew the temple once stood.

Behind the two olive trees, on the hillside in the background, is where David sinned with Bathsheba. It’s called the mount of scandal. You can see the buildings in the background behind the trees.

Under this grassy knoll (which is outside of the bounds of this photo and in front of the tile walkway in the photo) runs the Gihon spring, which is the water source that was used to wash away the blood from all those sacrifices. Notice there was no ancient water source on the official Temple Mount. Lack of a water source is one of the main reasons that site can not be the actual Temple Mount. Also, the Bible says it is built over the Gihon Spring!

Even today you can walk through the tunnel under the grassy knoll, through the sloshing waters of the Gihon Spring by means of Hezekiah's siege tunnel.

God has preserved this site in this park like setting because it is a very special place to Him!